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More than one kilogram of heavy steel balls fell from 60 centimeters high and could not break glass 2 millimeters thick!


You may not have imagined that more than one kilogram of heavy steel balls fell freely from a height of 60 centimeters and smashed into glass 2 millimeters thick. The glass did not break!

"This is our latest production of 2mm ultra-thin all-toughened glass. After patent search, this is also the thinnest all-toughened glass in the industry to achieve mass production at present." Recently, in Luoyang Enze Glass Technology Co., Ltd. located in the high-tech zone, Hou Weixu, the chairman of the company, spoke with confidence.

How can this ultra-thin all-toughened glass achieve performance beyond common sense? A few days ago, reporters came into this enterprise to explore the magic behind this new material, nicknamed "Little Diamond".

In the pilot plant in Yichuan County, with the buzzing of wind turbines, pieces of ultra-thin, all-toughened glass the size of windows are coming off the line. On the ground, there is a piece of ultra-thin all-toughened glass, 85 centimeters long, 45 centimeters wide and 2 millimeters thick, lying quietly. Enterprise R&D personnel have given it an image nickname - "Little King Kong".

Hou Weixu introduced that according to the relevant product standards, ultra-thin toughened glass needs to withstand 225 grams of steel balls 1 meter high free fall impact, the enterprise developed this all-toughened glass is not only the thinnest type of glass on the market at present, but also can withstand the impact force is much higher than this standard.

In the free-fall experiment, the reporter recorded 225g, 535g and 1040g free-fall test results of Chongqing Steel Ball with video.

In the first experiment, 225 grams of heavy steel balls fell at a height of 1 meter. In the slow lens, the glass was only slightly bent and the surface was flat and without breakage.

In the second experiment, 535 grams of heavy steel balls dropped at a height of 1 meter, and the bending degree of glass increased, but the glass remained "non-destructive".

In the last experiment, the head of the enterprise challenged to drop 1040 grams of heavy steel balls at 60 cm height, and the glass still stood up "belly belly", springing the balls back into the air like a spring bed, showing amazing toughness. Only when the steel ball falls at a height of 1 metre can the glass become fragments.

Fiberglass toughening is a deep processing process downstream of float glass. If float glass production is "ironmaking", then glass tempering is "steelmaking". order

Previously, the thickness limit of float glass has reached 0.12 mm. However, due to technological reasons, very few enterprises have conquered ultra-thin all-toughened glass below 3mm.

What changes will this ultra-thin, all-toughened glass bring to our lives?

Hou Weixu said that toughened glass is widely used in automotive, photovoltaic panels, construction and household appliances and other fields. Thinner all-toughened glass means less raw material consumption and lower cost.

In the field of photovoltaics, the industry has developed a new type of double glass module photovoltaic panels, that is, both sides of the photovoltaic panels are transparent glass, which can greatly improve energy conversion efficiency, which has led to more demand for ultra-thin tempered glass.

"This is an absolute piece of green glass." "The thinner the glass, the lighter the photovoltaic panels and the higher the transmittance, which will help to improve the efficiency of power generation and reduce the cost of power generation. Clean energy will replace traditional energy faster and more widely, making the sky bluer and water greener," Hou said.

Hou Weixu introduced that as a businessman from Shaanxi Province, he came to Luoyang to start his own business because Luoyang is one of the three major float glass processes in the world - the birthplace of "Luoyang float glass" and there are a large number of talents in the glass industry. In the future, he will increase production

Industrialization, transformation and upgrading of national glass industry

Adding colour, continuing the new legend of "Luoyang Glass".

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